Wardrobe Woes Challenge – Week 1

Well guys, I have good news! Week one of my ‘Wardrobe Woes Challenge’ is in the books, and I am not yet frustrated or broke because of it. Success!

As you may have read in my Wednesday Wardrobe Woes post from last week, I am determined to update my wardrobe little by little. This week, I went in open-minded. My only goal – to walk out of Winners with two items.

With the change in temperatures this week (it became fall overnight here in Toronto), I became acutely aware of ho much I need clothes for fall/winter. I also realized that bottoms were not a priority, since I’ve got enough pants to get me by. Also, I have enough basic t-shirts and layering tank tops for now. So, keeping all of these things in mind, I searched through the racks and found eight items to try on. In the fitting room. DUN DUN DUUUN!

The dreaded fitting room. My least favourite place. The place where my shopping experience usually turns from bearable to “get me out of here now”. But this time, I’m pleased to say, it was overall a pretty painless experience.

After a total of 35 minutes in the store, I walked out with these two fall items…

Jacket – $39.99

Sweater Wrap Shawl – $24.99

Are you guys missing some fall/winter wardrobe items? Comment below and let me know what you’re missing, or what you think of these items 🙂 Also, stay tuned for Chapter 2 of my Wardrobe Woes challenge, two weeks from now. I have a feeling these aren’t always going to go as smoothly.

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  1. Anisa

    September 2, 2017 at 9:53 am

    I am loving your outfits girl !!

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