Wednesday Wardrobe Woes


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My wardrobe. Oh gosh. What can I say about it?

Well, it’s terrible. That’s the truth. It has no real rhyme or reason, a lot of things in it can go together, but don’t really match, and I’m just tired of everything in it. Picking out clothes for just about any occasion, be it work, a night out, or even working out, is a challenge. I never feel like wearing ANY of it. Do you ever feel this way?

Anyway, I’ve decided enough is enough. Time to change it up. Time to upgrade and update my wardrobe. Great! In theory…

I have tried to do this before. I’ve headed to the mall, ready for a change, and looking for new, exciting pieces to make me feel confident and ready for anything! But I quickly ran into a few issues.

  1. I hate shopping. I know a lot of women love it, they find it therapeutic and they are great at it! But that’s not me. My experience is oh so different. I find that the things I try on never look right 🙁 The more I try on, the more frustrated I get, and I usually end up leaving the mall stressed out and with a headache. Not good.
  2. It’s expensive. I struggle with spending large amounts of money at one time. I mean, I work so hard for it, I don’t want to just spend all of it at once!

So, this time I’m going into things with a different approach. My hope is that it won’t be as overwhelming as going out and trying to be a whole new wardrobe all at once.

Current Situation

Keep in mind, I share a closet with my fiance, but this is currently the sad, sad state of our closet.

My wardrobe currently consists of the following:

  • Items that I have had for way too long. Like, seriously, I’m talking 8+ years! I don’t care how much you loved an item when you first bought it, eight years later, it does not have the same charm. Way. Too. Long.


  • Items that I didn’t even really love when I bought them in the first place. So, why did I buy them? Great question. Some of them were me trying to branch out (and failing), and others were out of pure frustration and not wanting to leave the mall empty-handed.


  • A lot of the same, “safe” items. If you don’t believe me, take a look at my jeans collection. All the same brand, all the same style (Old Navy Skinny jeans). I literally bought 5 pairs on Black Friday of the same style, in different shades. Practical, but boring.


So, what is the point of this rant about my wardrobe? Change! I am going to update my wardrobe, and I’m actually gonna do it this time. I am going to get rid of the stuff that I don’t like, don’t wear, or don’t want anymore. There is zero point in having it continue to take up precious space in my closet.

Action Plan 

Every good action plan needs some rules! I love rules and lists, I feel like they keep me motivated and on track. So, here are a few I am going to stick to:

  • I have to buy at least two pieces to add to my wardrobe every two weeks
  • I will try to stay as close to, or under, $100 each time
  • For every piece I add to my wardrobe, I must get rid of at least one current item that I don’t like or don’t wear anymore (preferably more!)

I’m going to do this guys! It’s time 🙂

I’ll be posting an update every other Wednesday as part of my 10-part Wednesday Wardrobe Woes segment.  This will bring me right into the new year with at least 20 new pieces. New year, fresh look.

Just a note, part one of this segment will start next week because I’m just too excited to wait! Speaking of too excited, I couldn’t help but get a head start today, and I bought this comfy black dress I loved at Winners today.

And yes, those are pockets you see…

Like I said, this one’s from Winners, but if you like it and can’t find it there, check these similar ones (the top one is pretty much identical and even has the pockets!):



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  1. Kate

    August 24, 2017 at 8:00 am

    Hi dear!
    Well i’ve had the same “struggle” as you, but eventually, i managed to give away many of the stuff i didn’t like. I suggest investing in basic pieces so that they will always be in fashion. In case you need any advice i have this article right here: .

    1. My Slice of Happy

      August 24, 2017 at 1:54 pm

      Thanks! I will take a look 🙂

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